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Join MVFAMaryland Votes for Animals (MVFA) is an organization with one overriding mission: To create an ever-growing voting bloc of animal advocates who will elect representatives willing to champion and vote for animal protection legislation, and to hold politicians accountable to their constituents.

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WBAL Report: Bills crack down on puppy mills, dog fighting

Proposal would make it illegal to possess dog-fighting equipment

By Feb 04, 2016 See the original report at WBAL

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Pet owners from across Maryland are calling on lawmakers to pass legislation cracking down on puppy mills and illegal dog fighting.

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Legislature to Reduce Hunting Safety Zone

The Maryland General Assembly is considering legislation to change the long-established hunting safety zone law by reducing the safety zone for bow-hunting near homes, churches, and other occupied buildings from 450 feet to a mere 150 feet.  This change will allow hunting in new areas, including in residential neighborhoods in Anne Arundel County, Harford, St. Mary’s, and Calvert Counties. Hearings on some of these bills have already been held this past week, and resident input is critical and time-sensitive. 

(If you live in Anne Arundel, Harford, St. Mary’s or Calvert County, or your Senator sits on the Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee, you can let your Legislators know you are opposed to this incresed danger by clicking here.)

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Ready, Set, Advocate!

Dear MVFA Members,
Happy 2016! 

The Maryland General Assembly has been in session since January 13th and we have been working hard on animal legilsation!  Here is an update on what bills have been introduced:

Aggravated Cruelty in the Presence of a Minor (SB 59) - Increases the penalties for crimes committed against animals in the presence of a minor. This bill is awaiting a vote in the Judicial Proceedings Committee.
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Animal Legislation Update for 2016

The 2016 Maryland General Assembly Session begins on January 13th and it’s time to gear up for 12 weeks of action! Maryland Votes For Animals has been working non-stop with legislators and animal advocates to get strong laws passed for the animals in 2016.

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Baltimore Sun Op-Ed: End the senseless trophy killing of Md. black bears

The following Op-Ed appeared in the 11/20/15 Baltimore Sun:

End the senseless trophy killing of Md. black bears

For the 12th year in a row, your state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) enthusiastically supported the trophy killing of black of bears in Western Maryland for those among the 2 percent of Marylanders who hunt for sport.

DNR allowed the hunt even though the majority of Marylanders are opposed to such efforts, favoring non-lethal wildlife management alternatives.

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Dog Fighting, A Compassionate Conversation

Make Possession of Animal Fighting Paraphernalia Illegal in Maryland and Close the Loophole in Our Dogfighting law.

Dogfighting is cruelty on an extreme scale and brings organized crime, guns, and drug dealing to our neighborhoods. Animal fighting is a brutal contest in which two animals are put in a pit to fight to the death or near-death of one of the animals. In some instances, one of the animals may be a bait dog, cat, or other animal. Dogfighting is violent, sadistic, and illegal.  

Animal fighters use specialized equipment to ready animals for fighting and to stage the illegal fights. Dogfighters use contraptions on the animals such as rape stands to forcibly impregnate dogs, cat mills where smaller live animals are used as practice prey, and treadmills for training with heavy weights around the animal’s neck and body. Although dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states, possessing dog fighting equipment for illegal fighting is not a crime in Maryland.

This is a serious loophole in Maryland's law. Maryland needs to rid our communities of dogfighting, and outlawing possession of animal fighting paraphernalia is critically important to this effort. 

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