Join MVFAMaryland Votes for Animals (MVFA) is an organization with one overriding mission: To create an ever-growing voting bloc of animal advocates who will elect representatives willing to champion and vote for animal protection legislation, and to hold politicians accountable to their constituents.

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Humane Wins

 Maryland Votes For Animals
extends a Warm Congratulations to the
61 Humane Candidates on their Victory
in the 2014 Elections
for the Maryland General Assembly!

Ninety-one percent (91%) of MVFA-endorsed
Humane Candidates Won!

Please don't forget the Animals
and our Thousands of Members who
Voted Humane and supported
Your commitment to the Humane treatment of Animals.

We look forward to working with a Maryland General Assembly that will work to
Stop Animal Cruelty.

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4th of July

Get Political - Vote Humane!

Maryland Votes For Animals
has launched its

Vote Humane Campaign!

You can vote for the Maryland General Assembly just once every four years.

2014 is your chance to make a difference!

Our goal is to elect more than 50 Humane Candidates to the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates in the 2014 election.  Your vote as well as your financial support are key to electing representatives who will champion stronger laws to protect animals. 

Get political for animals and you will ensure a brighter future for all living creatures.  

As always, we are grateful for your support. We couldn’t do this for Maryland's animals without you.

Early Voting begins this Thursday, October 23rd

We don't have much time – Early Voting begins this Thursday, October 23rd and you can help animals now!  It’s simple – Vote Humane for MVFA-endorsed candidates and make animal protection a priority in the 2014 election. 

voiceless dogAs you read this, there are dogs, cats and animals suffering, never knowing a home or kind hand, and subjected to pain and misery their entire lives. They are chained outdoors, imprisoned in filthy cages, or deserted in backyards and alleyways. Others are forced to endure deplorable living conditions in puppy mill breeding operations.  You have the power to change this with your vote. 

Maryland Votes For Animals (MVFA) has released its 2014 Voter Guide so you know which candidates deserve your vote and have committed to fighting to protect animals. The time has come to put a stop to the unthinkable cruelty animals suffer at the hands of abusers, including the horrific abuse of dogfighting incited by spectators.  It is time to do something.

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MVFA releases 2014 Humane Candidate Endorsements!

MVFA has released its first round of Endorsements for Humane Candidates in the 2014 Election!

Your vote is the powerful reason why you and your Maryland Votes for Animals-PAC (MVFA) has been so successful in promoting animal welfare in the

Help me.  I'm still chained.
Text Box: Help me.  I'm still chained. Please votePlease Vote

Maryland legislature over the past four years.  To keep this momentum going, your vote is crucial in the upcoming election now more than ever. 
You are the voice for all of Maryland's animals and they desperately need you to SPEAK UP and VOTE for MVFA Endorsed Humane Candidates for the Maryland General Assembly! 
What to do to make a real difference for animals with your Vote: 
Early voting is June 12th to June 19th.  Primary Election Day is June 24th.
CLICK on the MVFA Endorsed Humane Candidates list to see the candidates for the House of Delegates and the Senate who have been endorsed Humane in this round of endorsements for the Primary.  Write down the Humane Candidates for House and Senate in your District, then, GO VOTE for the animals!  Easy, quick, and critically important to saving lives! 
MVFA's future success for the humane treatment of Maryland's animals is in your hands.  Please vote for Humane Candidates.  It's the main thing that really does make a difference.

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Spay Neuter Grant Program and More

Your Maryland Votes For Animals – PAC has been working “round the clock” putting the final touches on the 2014 Endorsements and Scorecard for the upcoming election!

In this Update you will find information on:

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2014 - A Crucial Year for Maryland's Animals

Now's your chance to help elect humane candidates to office!

It's a big year for MVFA because as a political action committee (PAC), we can engage in political activity by endorsing candidates for office. We are the only PAC for animals in Maryland and your best source of information about voting records and the stated positions of candidates on crucial animal welfare issues. Our goal is to supply animal lovers like you across Maryland with the information that will turn you into "Political Animals for Animals." Then you can make an educated decision about which candidates deserve your humane vote - and which ones don't.

MVFA is a nonpartisan organization that evaluates candidates based on a single criterion: where they stand on animal welfare issues in Maryland. MVFA does not judge candidates based on party affiliation or any other issue. We're all about helping animals by helping you elect humane candidates to the Maryland General Assembly.


MVFA's Endorsement Questionnaire - In a few short weeks, MVFA will post our Endorsement Questionnaire on our website. This document will be sent to every candidate to the Maryland General Assembly. How candidates answer this questionnaire, coupled with their voting record and their interview with MVFA board members will determine whether they obtain MVFA's endorsement.

MVFA's Humane Scorecard - In June MVFA will post our Humane Scorecard on our website for your review. There's no need to guess about whether your delegates and state senator have supported humane legislation over the past 4 years - we'll provide you with their voting records and give each legislator a score.

MVFA's Primary Election Endorsements - This spring and early summer is the season for endorsements! It's an exciting time to stay tuned to MVFA in advance of Maryland's primary election. Early voting begins on June 12th so we'll have posted all our primary election endorsements by that date.

MVFA's General Election Endorsements - Summer 2014 will be hot! That's because MVFA will be posting our endorsements for the all-important general election. Early voting begins October 23rd so we'll have posted all our general election endorsements by that date.

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The PAWsitive Action Alliance is on a mission to centralize info about diverse organizations while cross promoting each other's so that we can build a more comprehensive picture of needs, efforts and ways YOU can get involved in creating better tomorrows for our furry friends.

The PAWsitive Action Alliance is on a mission to centralize info about diverse organizations while cross promoting each other's so that we can build a more comprehensive picture of needs, efforts and ways YOU can get involved in creating better tomorrows for our furry friends.

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