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Protect Chained Dogs in Extreme Weather

Tell Them We Are Suffering

UPDATE 2/20/15: The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing yesterday on the Extreme Weather Protection bill (HB153).

Del. Dana Stein, the bill's lead sponsor, introduced the bill and testified before the Committee, followed by the testimony of State, Local and National animal advocacy organizations, including Maryland Votes For Animals, HSUS, and ASPCA. Several Animal Control representatives from both rural and urban areas across the state presented important testimony and fielded questions from Committee members.

It is extremely important, if your Delegate sits on the House Judiciary Committee to send them a letter NOW before the committee votes!
(the link will tell you if your Delegate is on the Committee).  The committee can vote at any time without further notice.

On the day this bill was heard, Maryland dogs chained and tethered outside suffered through a night of near zero degree weather, and no one could do a thing. Why? Because the current law lacks enforceable standards that define unsafe weather conditions for chained dogs.

Testimony included information that animal control divisions across the state receive a significant number of complaints associated with chained dogs left outside in extreme weather.  The impact on these suffering dogs is devastating in extreme weather, and it is clear the problem is significant and widespread.

Testimony showed that enforcement is severely hampered because the current laws are vague as to weather, and lack enforceable standards. Animal Control supports HB153 because it provides standards and specificity that will help the public comply with the law and help law enforcement protect animals from cruelty with more certainty.

It was interesting to learn that a majority of animal control efforts take place, by necessity, on front porches and in conversations with people, not in lengthy courtroom proceedings. This underscored the need for a law that is consistent and can be easily understood and relied on by the public.

If a law is unclear on an issue, people will provide their own subjective interpretations and opinions. This bill provides the clear standards that everyone can understand thereby removing the uncertainty that has hampered enforcement efforts.  

Animal control witnesses testified they would expect that with the adoption of this bill, there will be a significant increase in compliance through education and enforcement efforts, and a substantially fewer number of dogs cruelly chained in extreme weather.

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Baltimore County Weighs New Sunday Hunting

Deer in Woods with FawnKeep Sundays protected for animals and people!

UPDATE 2/13/15: UPDATE: Excellent News! Baltimore County delegation voted this morning (Friday 2/13) to protect Baltimore County's way of life. Baltimore County residents get to keep their Sunday day of rest and outdoor safety for animals, people and families.  Kudos to the legislators who bravely took a stand on this issue.  Vote count will be published when available!

UPDATE 2/12/15: Baltimore County Legislators will vote THIS FRIDAY morning (2/13) on legislation to expand Sunday hunting into Baltimore County for the first time in nearly 300 years!  If we do not ACT Now this bill could pass and our way of life in Baltimore County will be changed forever.

Update 1/30/15: Baltimore County weighed in on new Sunday hunting legislation (HB18) at a hearing in Annapolis on January 30, 2015. Baltimore County legislators heard testimony on expanding hunting in Baltimore County.

Sunday has been a day of rest for animals and people for nearly 300 years in Baltimore County.  A few individuals want to change that way of life for everyone just so those few can hunt and kill animals 7 days a week instead of six.

There is still time for Baltimore County residents to Act Now and send a letter opposing the push to sanction Sunday hunting.

Animals need a rest, and the over 98% of Marylanders who do not hunt,

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You're Invited to Voices For Animals Day 2015!

Voices For Animals Day ImageThis event is now over.  Thank you for coming to Annapolis and speaking for those who cannot.  Your presence made a difference for animals across Maryland.

Pre-registration is now closed...But...if you weren't able to pre-register please let us know and we will make room for you! The animals need you to BE THERE to speak for them. Email your info (name and address) so we can determine who your legislators are to get you on the list of attendees!

Maryland friends of animals, please join us and the ASPCA, as we gather with fellow animal advocates in Annapolis on January 28th for Voices for Animals Day!

Voices for Animals Day is a great opportunity to meet other animal advocates and speak directly to your state legislators about passing strong laws for animals.

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UPDATE: Lobby Day for Animals and More!

Maryland Votes For Animals (MVFA) is gearing up for the 2015 legislative session, which starts in just a few short weeks. After the huge success for animals in the November election, we are working hard on animal protection bills for the upcoming session. Your participation in legislative action for animals is critically important! Together we will stand and make our voices heard - giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

In this MVFA Update you will find information on:

  • Election results for MVFA endorsed candidates;
  • Info on Voices for Animals lobby day on January 28th;
  • Spay/Neuter program funding news;
  • Info about new MVFA Board appointments

MVFA November Election Results - BIG WIN for Animals!
MVFA worked overtime this year to make sure humane candidates were elected who will champion and vote for animal protection legislation. Thanks to you and your votes, we had big wins for the animals at the polls this November. Ninety-one percent (91%) of MVFA-endorsed Humane Candidates Won! A warm "Congratulations" to the Humane Candidates in the Maryland General Assembly on their victory!

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2014 ELECTION RESULTS - Maryland Votes For Animals Humane Candidate Endorsements

Humane Wins

 Maryland Votes For Animals
extends a Warm Congratulations to the
61 Humane Candidates on their Victory
in the 2014 Elections
for the Maryland General Assembly!

Ninety-one percent (91%) of MVFA-endorsed
Humane Candidates Won!

Please don't forget the Animals
and our Thousands of Members who
Voted Humane and supported
Your commitment to the Humane treatment of Animals.

We look forward to working with a Maryland General Assembly that will work to
Stop Animal Cruelty.

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Early Voting begins this Thursday, October 23rd

We don't have much time – Early Voting begins this Thursday, October 23rd and you can help animals now!  It’s simple – Vote Humane for MVFA-endorsed candidates and make animal protection a priority in the 2014 election. 

voiceless dogAs you read this, there are dogs, cats and animals suffering, never knowing a home or kind hand, and subjected to pain and misery their entire lives. They are chained outdoors, imprisoned in filthy cages, or deserted in backyards and alleyways. Others are forced to endure deplorable living conditions in puppy mill breeding operations.  You have the power to change this with your vote. 

Maryland Votes For Animals (MVFA) has released its 2014 Voter Guide so you know which candidates deserve your vote and have committed to fighting to protect animals. The time has come to put a stop to the unthinkable cruelty animals suffer at the hands of abusers, including the horrific abuse of dogfighting incited by spectators.  It is time to do something.

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