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SAVE LIVES - ACT NOW for Maryland's Pets!

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By Carolyn Kilborn - Posted on 02 March 2013

Maryland Needs You to Contact Your Legislators Today!

The Spay/Neuter bill goes to a floor vote in the House in just a few days!  It also goes to vote in the Senate Committee any day now!  PLEASE ACT NOW! 

Thanks to your efforts, the urgency of the spay/neuter bill has reached many Legislators. But there are forces that have come to Maryland with an organized lobbying attack against the Maryland bill and task force recommendations.

With just mere days left before votes in the House and in the Senate Committee, it is critical to contact your legislators TODAY and ask them to support this life-saving legislation!

Please send a letter now by clicking HERE.

This program will save lives and money. Over $8 million dollars are currently spent every year to house and euthanize 45,000 homeless cats and dogs in Maryland. The Task Force devoted two years to find a solution to this tragic and avoidable problem, and recommended a spay/neuter program to combat Maryland's serious and costly homeless pet problem.

Other states have significantly reduced their euthanasia rate and costs with state programs, and we are on the brink of saving lives and money in Maryland too.

But a powerful lobbying interest, which has lobbied to kill similar programs in other states, has brought its forces to Maryland to attack Maryland's life-saving program. People who care about Maryland's dogs and cats MUST make their voices heard in support of the Spay/Neuter fund to save lives.

Please send a letter of support today!

Please take a moment to speak out. This is an avoidable tragedy for which there is a humane and fiscally responsible solution.

Q. Why is the legislation urgent?

A. 96,000 cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs enter Maryland shelters each year, and 45,000 of them are destroyed. This costs Maryland taxpayers $8 to 9 million dollars every year.  The Spay/Neuter program will help end the tragic cycle of homeless pet impoundments and euthanasia in Maryland.

What can I do to help save lives and be part of the solution? Click HERE to send letter.
Need more data and info? Click HERE.

Thank you for all you do for the animals, for Maryland shelters, and for Maryland people!

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