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Baltimore County Votes to Keep Sundays protected during hunting season!

Deer in Woods with FawnKeep Sundays protected for animals and people!

UPDATE 2/13/15: UPDATE: Excellent News! Baltimore County delegation voted this morning (Friday 2/13) to protect Baltimore County's way of life. Baltimore County residents get to keep their Sunday day of rest and outdoor safety for animals, people and families.  Kudos to the legislators who bravely took a stand on this issue.  Vote count will be published when available!

UPDATE 2/12/15: Baltimore County Legislators will vote THIS FRIDAY morning (2/13) on legislation to expand Sunday hunting into Baltimore County for the first time in nearly 300 years!  If we do not ACT Now this bill could pass and our way of life in Baltimore County will be changed forever.

Update 1/30/15: Baltimore County weighed in on new Sunday hunting legislation (HB18) at a hearing in Annapolis on January 30, 2015. Baltimore County legislators heard testimony on expanding hunting in Baltimore County.

Sunday has been a day of rest for animals and people for nearly 300 years in Baltimore County.  A few individuals want to change that way of life for everyone just so those few can hunt and kill animals 7 days a week instead of six.

There is still time for Baltimore County residents to Act Now and send a letter opposing the push to sanction Sunday hunting.

Animals need a rest, and the over 98% of Marylanders who do not hunt, don't want to lose the one day a week they currently have to enjoy nature and wildlife without gunfire, death, and the chilling effect of fearing for the personal safety of their families.

Bullets and arrows do not stop at property boundary lines, endangering people on their own property and on public lands adjoining private property.

If you are a Baltimore County resident, please contact your legislator NOW and oppose the expansion of Sunday hunting into Baltimore County.


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