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FIND OUT WHO your State and Federal officials are

Not only that, you can use this tool to easily send emails to any or all of them.


We are witnessing history in the state of Maryland as concerned citizens like you join together to change the treatment of animals by being politically active.

Join us and count yourself in as one who supports animal protection in Maryland! Please register for alerts and updates and provide your mailing address so we can tailor messages and connect you with your specific legislators. It makes your support on animal protection bills targeted, meaningful, and effortless.

CITIZEN LOBBYING for the Animals

Nothing is more important to legislators than the number of voters speaking out on an issue. By joining other animal advocates as an MVFA member, you will make your voice heard! MVFA action alerts provide you with critical info on animal related bills in Maryland.  We’ll give you all the info you need and connect you with your correct legislators so you can easily and effectively help the animals!


We promise we will not flood your Inbox with frivolous emails. If you grow tired of us, you can tell us to take a hike. Every message from us offers the option to opt out of future mailings. We also promise we won't share your contact information.


So join with other animal advocates across Maryland and support animal protection in Maryland today! And then please share this page with all your friends and family. We need lots of Marylanders to join so that our collective voice can be heard: There is strength in numbers. The animals can’t ask for help. We must do it for them. Thanks!

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